Shelburne Golf & Country Club
516423 County Road 124 Melancthon Ontario L9V 1V2 |
ph: 519 925 5581


Total amount of fees must be paid in full prior to receiving membership privileges.


  • Are required to sign in at the pro shop before every round.
  • Are asked to abide by the dress code at all times and wear golf shoes with soft spikes or running shoes.
  • Are responsible for explaining the club rules to their guests and having them abide by these guidelines.
  • Cannot book single tee times, but are welcome to join groups with less than four players. Management reserves the right to book four players per tee-off time.
  • May book starting times eight days in advance (public, seven days). Members are responsible for ensuring all booked tee times are filled. The club requires 24 hours notice of cancellation of Tee Times before 12:00 noon on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays in order to give the club a fair chance to resell the opening. Failure to give 24 hours notice will result in a green fee charge to the member.
  • May not bring personal alcohol onto the golf course property, which includes the course, range and parking lot.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring Junior members and their guests are aware of the club rules. Junior guests must adhere to the Club’s Junior dress code – shirts tucked in, proper haircut, and hats peak forward.
  • Must understand and follow proper golf etiquette.
  • The Golf Club is a full service facility. Personal food and drinks are not allowed on Club property.
  • It is the Club’s intention to ensure membership privileges are accessible to members at all times; however, within reason, we do reserve the right to host golf tournaments and close the course for special events.
  • Juniors have full playing privileges. However, they may only play as standbys on Wednesday between 2:00pm and 6:15pm and between 12 and 2:00pm on weekends and holidays. Juniors may only reserve starting times on weekends and holidays on that day and only after 2:00pm on that day of play at the discretion of the pro shop. If Juniors play on weekends and holidays before 12:00 noon and if a starting time is available, a reduced green fee of $40.00 will be charged. Open starting times between noon and 2:00pm may be filled by Juniors with permission of the head golf
    professional at no charge.
  • Advanced Juniors have full adult Intermediate playing privileges This program is for Juniors whose main sport focus is Golf and in particular, tournament golf. New members wishing to join the Advanced Junior program must be interviewed and approved for the program by the Head Golf Professional, Sam Young
  • Junior Juniors: When the Head Professional determines a Junior Junior is ready and able to play the golf course, they may play on weekends and holidays after 4:30 pm when accompanied by an adult member or an adult green fee paying guest. One Junior Junior per member/adult.
  • If my application is accepted, I will abide by all club rules and laws that govern the club’s operations.


Golf and all activities conducted on the Shelburne Golf & Country Club property associated with golf including practicing/training are physical sports. Risks of serious injury are inherent in sport. This requires your constant exercise of caution and prudent judgment.


Varying weather conditions affect turf conditions. Always be alert how these conditions will affect your ability to maintain control on all surfaces and adjust accordingly. Inclement weather including lighting can be particularly dangerous on a golf course and, as such, the following procedure must be followed: At the first sign of a storm, whether by sound of thunder or sight of lightning, golfers are required to stop playing immediately and head back in to the Clubhouse for safety. The employees of Clubhouse, at first sign of a storm, will blast an air horn 3 times to alert golfers to stop playing immediately and head to the Clubhouse for safety. So long as it is safe to do so, employees will head out on the shuttle and any other available carts to assist in bringing golfers back to the Clubhouse in a more expedient manner.


Turf surfaces are inherently uneven and can change throughout the season depending upon weather conditions/storms. Exercise caution at all times.


There are many necessary manmade and natural obstacles such as benches, ball washers, tee blocks, yardage markers, cart signs, flag