Derek Kovacs – Class A Teaching Professional

//Derek Kovacs – Class A Teaching Professional
Derek Kovacs – Class A Teaching Professional 2017-12-11T12:12:43+00:00

We are excited to announce that Derek Kovacs has joined our team for the upcoming season. He is equally excited to get started and hit the ground running. Derek is an avid golfer who enjoys playing golf with anyone that wants to.

He is always working on his game and can be found frequently practicing on the putting green. His aspirations include qualifying for the Canadian Open. He shot 33 on the front 9 in a PGA of Alberta event last year and believes he is on the right track.

Derek has a large base of instructional knowledge to choose from. He likes to think his strength is teaching all skill levels, men and women alike.

“Everyone is unique, but the fundamentals remain the same regardless of skill level. As we get more advanced, factors that effect ball flight, increasing stamina, course management and the short game become that much more important.”

Derek believes that finding your true golf potential cannot be spoonfed. This is based on leading edge golf seminars. Instead, he puts you in a position for success and self discovery.

“The best way to improve is to track your results on the course and in practice. You need to know where your weaknesses are and how to address them.”

Derek is a former Pepsi Tour player. He is more than happy to give back to something that was so important to him growing up.